Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Day. One.

When life is in the rearview mirror there are days, times, even small moments that are looked at with a clear memory of never wanting them to end. Friendships or other relationships that are passed have that bittersweet taste of remembrance that somehow only hold onto the good. So many times while experiencing something, even as a child or young adult, there is that thought, "Please let this last forever". We all have those thoughts. Summertime is full of them.
I say this to explain clearly and frankly, this is not one of  those times.
Julia is down to ONE radiation treatment. ONE more day of rising her two hours before we leave so she can take her chemotherapy that accentuates the efficacy of the radiation. ONE more day of driving into the hospital and not entering the Emergency entrance like everyone else, rather heading to the door next to it labeled clearly and tauntingly, "Cancer Treatment Center". ONE more day of watching my 13 year old daughter sit in a waiting room of adults, most old enough to be her grandparent and thinking, "How the hell is this right or fair?!". ONE more day of watching other patients come and go as their treatment schedule is much less and lighter than what she needs to endure. ONE more day of watching my incredibly brave yet incredibly moody teenage girl gather the strength to walk into that room. One more day of watching that same young girl who carries my heart with her get clamped to a table.
This is not a summer of happy memories but because I know this kid and what a child she is at heart, I know she will take happy memories from this experience. I will try to follow her lead because after all, we #celebrateeverything.

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