Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Starting over and a fess up!

So here I am, with my head hanging low. I have been obviously absent on Facebook and more so here on the blog. A big part is due to the full time working gig, crazy kids scheduling and running a house, (disaster or not). It's equally as difficult to maintain madness as it is to maintain normalcy. Our normalcy IS madness. Now if I am being honest.... And I have been so far ... I will tell you the real reason I haven't been as active here.
I have been struggling. I didn't want to put that out there because I'm supposed to be encouraging and positive about health and wellness. I have had a difficult but oh so fun summer. I have kept up the juicing but my clean eating and exercise has fallen by the way side. Life is short and the summers are fleeting so I have to look at how I lived it as a positive experience with my family and friends and now regroup.
By not posting or blogging I took away accountability and continued to feel too guilty to be completely honest. 
So here I am. I have completed my second day of a juice fast and ran a few miles. I have suffered hip pain and now knee issues but I am determined to run my second half marathon in a week and a half and start training for the full marathon I have registered for in January. These are immediate goals but my overall objective Is to continue on my journey towards a healthy and happy woman. And to be honest along the way.

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