Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's Go Time = It's Me Time

Who would think sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day would be so exhausting? As I accepted the position I have now I was over the  moon happy that a job as an RN could actually afford me the ability to work from home! It is a new world we live in than the one we inhabited as I started my career in healthcare 20 some off years ago. 
Those hours working from home are not the cakewalk I imagined. Though the technology has made the job possible it has also made the demands greater. It is purely psychological, but being home gives all 5 members of my household (yes, I count myself) the mistaken thought that I am "home all day." So things should go on as before and all demands will surely be met, right? Yea. Not so much. 
In order to do the 50 hours a week my job requires plus the uncountable hours my life as mom, wife and general "Keep the House Together Engineer" demands, guess who got shoved to the bottom of that list? 
I have not exercised or paid much attention to the eating choices I made because, frankly, I had no choice. Grab and go is the only way to survive this madness. So I thought. 
Today everything changes. 
I have moved myself to the top of the list in hopes it will (forgive me Democratic friends) trickle down to the rest of my list. 
I am stating publicly for acountabilty purposes (and for emotional support) that today is the day I go back to clean eating and running. In 70 days I am running my first marathon. I have committed and will complete it. I would rather do so without Medic standing by however. 
So thank you for standing by me and sharing my journey. I would love your support and understanding and would especially LOVE to hear your stories that always inspire me! 

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