Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Omega Does it Right!

Here is why I love my Omega VRT350 juicer!
 I was juicing this morning and heard a crack from the bowl followed by what sounded like machine gun fire. Clearly something snapped inside and I officially panicked! Life without my juicer?! I called Omega's 800 # ready for battle to defend my 10 year warrantee. 
Back in February, they  replaced a small gear for me without a hassle but that was within a year of purchase and was probably an .87 cent part. This was going to be bigger than that for sure! 
I spoke to the tech who asked me a few reasonable questions. When I explained I couldn't remove the top to examine the contents he said, "No problem. Email me a picture of it and we will send you a whole new bowl assembly.
" What?! Yes, they are sending me everything but the motor! 
So once again, I am recommending Omega Juicers, not only for their superior performance but also for their extraordinary customer service! Remember when all companies were like this?! 

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