Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That evil scale

Some of you may know that I am a Registered Nurse in my "real life" offline. I have recently started a new job in the last few months. I have to share with you how eye opening this has been.
As part of this new position I have to weigh and measure the clients. I don't know what Bill of Goods I bought into but I have yet to meet someone who actually weighs what I think they should, or rather, what I think they do! I don't know how long it will take to deprogram myself, but the surprise still hits me when I meet someone who looks to be "the ideal" weight I would love to be and then they step on the scale. The number is always MUCH higher than I assume it will be. 
I am not sure if this speaks to my poor ability to play carnival games or that it points out how unattainable the weight goals I have set for myself are. Either way, I have come to finally understand how useless and out of touch weight charts and scales are! My pants are about as small a size as I can buy off the rack and my shirts and dresses are much smaller than they were. I feel better and move easier. My general health is improved and my emotional health has skyrocketed. This needs to be enough for me. I need to throw that scale to the back of my closet and not let it scream my name from the dark on a Monday post holiday morning! It just doesn't matter! So who's with me?!

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