Thursday, April 30, 2009

So it's almost one o'clock in the morning and I am still up. I am in the midst of classes and cannot wait to finish up in August! In the meantime, however, I have papers and homework enough to keep me typing until Christmas. I am feeling thoroughly exhausted because I am up so late, yet find myself drifting to this blog, to my email and to the reliable Facebook, where I know I can always find a friend to help me procrastinate. Back in the day when I went to Nursing School and wanted to stall studying I would clean the kitchen, wash the floor, scrub the bathrooms; whatever it took to NOT do homework. My house sparkled during finals week. Now with the internet it is so much more fun to stall ... but my house is a pigsty. Ooops ... wrong choice of words considering the hysteria over the flu.

Anyway, we are doing well here and Julia, myself and the rest of the 1st graders at WC Elementary all survived our trip to the zoo yesterday. There were a few situations that arose, such as Julia's insistance and further meltdown about feeding the llama "again", when I truly never saw her feed one in the first place. Apparently during her initial diagnosis and early treatment of her leukemia, (she was only 2) the phase of animal identification must have got a bit confused. This is the story I'm going with anyway.  The only pictures of Julia feeding anyone but herself, included a Galapagos Turtle and a goat.... and yes Greg was happy to hear there was plenty of Goat Crud at the River Banks Zoo! Goat ... Llama ... same thing. You try to tell an exhausted 6 year old, mid meltdown, that her llama is a goat! I was not going there, thank you very much.

Another piece of helpful information for any of you heading out on those end of the year field trips ~ Spring in the Carolinas is beautiful. Blue skies. Warm tempatures. Sometimes really hot tempatures... you may want to take into account the smell of the zoo in 90 degree heat! Ahhhh... nothing says Happy Spring like the smell of Flamingo poop or Elephant dung fermenting in the mid day sun!

Regardless of the aroma, the kids had a blast and I shed a few tears watching Julia just be a kid. I am sure many of you are sick to death of that by now, but I can't help it! :) It's been a long trip up until this point and I tend to get nostalgic about a lot of it.

Before I sign off tonight or fall asleep on the keyboard, I wanted to ask you a question or maybe questions. I am looking to grow this website and add some different features to make if more creative and inviting. I have a direction in my mind where I would like it to go and I would love input from people who I trust and whos opinions I value. If there is somethin in particular that strikes you or occurs to you, would you mind passing it along in the "comments" section? The format will be changing to a much more user friendly, entertaining design shortly, but for now I hope you care to join me with some input and eventually pass this link along to others when it is developed into something you like. As always, I have been blessed with unbelievable supportive friends. Thank you!



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