Monday, April 27, 2009

Once again I am reminded of how important my friendships are. Thank you so much for all your cheerleading and for the great encouragement I have been receiving. I also want to thank you in advance for your patience as I try to make my way through this new world of blogging without the Caringbridge site holding me up. I am a hot mess right now!
I am sure if you have checked here more than once you have seen different backgrounds, fonts, colors, links ... in short I have no #@*$&#^@ clue what I am doing. All I want to do is write, but the mechanics of this are bogging me down. So hang in there with me while I try to struggle through and BY ALL MEANS ~ if you happen to be one of those people that DOES know wht they are doing, please feel free to contact me!
On the home front, all is well! :) Yesterday was White Trash day in our yard as you can see by the new pictures. Nothing like a Slip and Slide to make it feel like summer in the Hood! Well, that and the almost 100 degree heat in the backyard! Of course the pictures are the silent type, so you can't get a full feel of the event. You can't hear the kids screaming about grass in their suits or who is cutting line and who needs a running start so back up, and who has the proper sliding technique, while pushing the non Olympian Slip and Slider out of the way . Thank God their Mom isn't a screamer or you may have heard me gently telling them to get along well and be nice to each other ... if you are one of my neighbor's, I would apologize and then appreciate if you kept what you heard on the down low! Like I said White Trash Sunday at our home!
Before I end, I just want to wish my husband good luck as he starts a new job today. I know it is not what he truly wants to be doing and certainly isn't at the pay rate he would like or deserves, but I know we are blessed to have another income coming in and one never knows where these connections can lead. Hang in there T and know that better days are coming and it's starting now!!! We have been through some pretty dark times and I am holding onto the dream of really big things ahead!


  1. Hey There have been a busy writer and you do it so well. I enjoyed reading down the post line and you're putting together a great site.
    You're such a strong person with quite a full life. In spite of everything, you are truly blessed.
    Oh and thanks for visiting my site.

  2. The words are most important. Everything else is icing. Keep it up

  3. I so do love white trash day.......

  4. I'm enjoying reading this in such a different setting - caringbridge was great, but this is better. Life after...... what a trip!

  5. Keep up the good work! Love ya!