Friday, May 3, 2013

Smooches of Gratitude!

I am blown away by the positive reaction to my last blog post. When I say "thank you for your support" it sounds so hollow and cliche, but please know these words come directly from my heart. Once again, as was the case Sunday morning crossing the finish line, I am in tears reading emails, texts and Facebook messages.
I had mixed feelings and a serious case of nerves putting that all out there but truly feel it was something to share. I am not embarrassed or ashamed, rather I am aware that there are those who consider surgery after an extreme weight loss a form of cheating. Clearly, I disagree. It has turned my life back around after a tough couple of years and has let me be a better version of who I've always been. I have always been an emotionally strong person. Now I can work on making the outside match the inside.
So once again, I am sending big sloppy kisses and hugs of gratitude to you all. Things may not always go as well as I would like or planned, yet as I go through my days knowing there are so many who have my back or who just support some of the crazy ass ideas I come up with, at the very least, makes me smile. No one could hope for more than I already have. Xoxoxox

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