Monday, May 6, 2013

Changing it up

So yesterday I stepped up to a challenge I have been putting off. I have been curious about Cycling (Spinning®) classes for awhile now but just couldn't get excited about it. When I got a text inviting me to join two of my very fun friends for a Sunday class I knew I had to go.
I tried it. Yup. I sure did. I don't know if I will ever return to a class, but I tried it. I was prepared for my proportionately too small hiney to hurt on that tiny little seat and did hear myself ask the instructor if there was a 1973 banana seat option. Alas, no. So yes my butt did respond as I expected and worse.
What I didn't expect is to loathe the class from the get go. I don't know if it was the instructor's choice of music (heavy on country), or the lack of sleep I had the precious night (read: none) but I couldn't wait for it to end 5 minutes in.
I realized what bothered me about this workout is there was no change to look forward to. If I am at kickboxing or another fitness class and we are doing something I don't particularly enjoy I can look forward to it changing up shortly. Each segment comes to an end. Not with cycling. The only option to sitting and pedaling is standing and pedaling!
So I didn't enjoy it at all, however I have somehow convinced myself to try another class with another instructor and see if it is markedly different. After all, I remember I used to hate running too!
I would love to know what other classes or activities you all have tried and loved, even if not right away. I need to keep things changing so I don't get bored and to be a stronger version of who I already am. So hit me with suggestions and advice. I'm waiting! ;)

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