Thursday, March 14, 2013

Juice For Your Health

Some of you are brand new to juicing so I thought I would explain that there is healing power in foods. We are often hit with all the bad news of our food supply. The issues of GMO's, antibiotics and pesticides are real and frightening but assuming your produce is fresh, clean and preferably organic, there are different ways to use fruits and vegetables to aid in physical ailments or general well being and I would like to share some of those with you here.

First you should be aware that juicing is a way to get nutrients straight into your system without going through all the timely process of digestion. The super nutrients of green veggies are able to hit your system with a force and volume not duplicated by eating a salad or chewing on a stalk of celery. The quantity alone is more than you could or would eat in a day. This is why juicing is so powerful a supplement to your every day diet.

Fatigue is and has been a recurring issue for me  over the years and seems to get worse as time goes by and schedules get crazier. All fruits and vegetables will help with this and I have found surprising reserves of energy since making juice part of my day. Yet there is more energy to be had by eating and juicing root vegetables such as beets, radishes, parsnips, ginger and carrots.

If hay fever has hit you, and it hits hard in my home, try some vitamin C via real food. Artificial supplements are not food and cannot be relied on to act as nature provides in fruits and veggies. Some great choices are broccoli, carrots, watercress and sweet potato and watermelon. Watermelon, by the way is best when juicing the rinds! Who would have thought, right?! Surprised me, but it was so yummy!

Alright, I know there are only one or two of you out there this applies to, but maybe some of your friends or family could benefit from the following advice. If a hangover has mysteriously hit you after "only a few drinks, I swear", try juicing greens like kale, spinach, watercress or broccoli and adding some ginger, carrots or celery. If nothing else it will get you back on track for healthy eating following a night of too much fun.

When I first started juicing last year I had high blood pressure. I have found that juicing the same greens listed above has helped me feel better, lowered my blood pressure and reduced the amount of prescription medications I take.

I am in no way saying to drink juice, eat healthy and ignore medical advice. You need to find what works best for you and find a healthcare practitioner that will listen and become part of your healthy lifestyle. If you are on medication, stay on it until given the go ahead to reduce or stop it. There is a reason you were put on it to begin with so please follow up with your medical team.

At the end of the day your juicing habit is only piece of the puzzle to a healthier you, but if done with care and consideration, it is an enjoyable and powerful piece!

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