Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Project ... Prioritizing My Life

Life is busy. We are all overwhelmed with schedules that seem impossible to keep and to add one more chore to the list feels like a back breaker to the camel for sure. Yet we seem to do just that. We succeed at juggling and say, "Hell yea, I can take on more! If I accomplished 118 remarkable feats, what's 119 in the scope of things?!"

This is something I struggle with greatly but did not even realize it was a problem until, like so many issues that suffocate us, it plowed me over and I couldn't get one more thing accomplished due to exhaustion, fear or plain disorganization. I realized I needed to streamline and find a way to stay standing. This is my preliminary attempt at that.

My problems are my own and unique to my life, however we all have twists and turns in our journey that make us singular yet the same. We are all treading water some days, just trying to stay afloat and other days we are all Michael Phelps and speeding to the record setting gold.
So today I am setting about to make everyday a bit easier on myself and hopefully you will join me and make little changes that can make our days more Olympian and less stumbling.

In this vein, I will now resort to the one thing I always teased my mother in law about. I will make a daily list. I cannot juggle two jobs, three
kids (and the activity list that comes with each), a marriage, a home and still enjoy my life without prioritizing.

First on my list are my daily activities: exercise, juice, laundry. Yes. At least two loads a day of laundry. Yippee! If I don't do the first two things on my list I find the rest of what I need to do suffers and I peter out before I get to "prepare dinner". I am a work in progress but I really am trying to focus on my well being in order to be better for myself and everyone I care about.

I will drink more water. Sounds so easy and so silly, yet this is the first thing that goes by the wayside when I am doing my best Whirling Dervish imitation. So cheers!

Now comes the biggest change (read: challenge) for me and one i cannot promise I can succeed at ; I will learn to say no. At the very least i will force myself to step back and consider before jumping in with both feet only to find, once again, I am drowning. It doesn't really bring me comfort to realize I am not alone in this struggle. I have read for years that I should "just say no" when so much is thrust upon me and yet, like the rest of my generation of Super Women, I refuse to practice this simple word. Say it with me as I practice; No, I won't be able to make it there tomorrow. No, I cannot head up that fundraiser. No, I will not do what you want me to do simply so you don't have to.

I will keep to this list and these tasks until I succeed and then will venture in further. Like everything else, it will be a day at a time. Today's list has "Blog entry" checked off already!

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