Sunday, November 27, 2011

Drama Free?!

So I finally decide to start up my blog again, you know with the holidays coming and all. Ya gotta figure with the history of crazy dysfunction on both sides of our families that have been heavily handed down to both my husband and I, there just had to be some good stories in there. So Wednesday night I did an eight hour shift, came home at 7:30 a.m., slept for 2 hours and 46 minutes (yes, you count these things when seconds matter!) and headed off with cheesecakes and poinsettias in hand to a friend's home for the festivities. Surely something would come of this. No sleep, many children, alcohol being served. Wait, am I describing my childhood holidays or my grown up ones? Well, this time there was no crying or hysterics. Not a fight in the bunch. My ancestors are deeply ashamed, I'm sure.
We came home to a happy home and for the last four days we have had absolute bliss in the N. household! My two youngest even had a slumber "stay up all night" party in my son's room. In actuality the "all night" lasted til about 11:00 when we found them both passed out on his bed, but still!
Okay,I know what you're thinking.... FLUKE.
How's this? Two of the kids walked up to Target with me on Black Friday. NO LINES. Got what we came for and a bit extra. Walked home. Not one, "Can I get?" "He is walking too fast" "She is pushing me" the entire time!
If you are still not convinced that the Apocolypse must be approaching, try this one on for size. Both of my sons had projects they needed to get done on the only computer in the house that currently is running Windows Office. Normally, this is a recipe for disaster and fallout. Not today. THEY ACTUALLY TOOK TURNS!
So am I rejoicing in this peaceful harmony? What would you do?
Hell to the no! I know I will pay a steep and heavy price for this somewhere down the line. Until then ... I am breathing.
Peace and Happy Holidays to come!

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