Friday, May 1, 2009

Before you read on, I just wanted to jump in and ask for your help. I have been working dilligently on getting this blog together and am hoping to grow and expand. In order to do this I need some help from friends and readers. If you like what you have been seeing here, please pass this site along to those who also might enjoy reading it. Please subscribe for an email update and recieve notice when there is a new entry. Most importantly, if you have suggestions, advice or know someone who can help with webdesign (on the cheap for now with a promise of more business later on) please feel free to counsel me! I am not proud, only driven. Writing and communicating is what I love to do. This technology is a hurdle I need to conquer. Thanks!!!

I have never been good with good byes. As a matter of fact, I usually stick with "see ya later" just to avoid the phrase. It has occurred to me in my melancholy moods, that we have these moments in time with certain people that enrich our lives in some way and almost always it is for a short or pre-destined amount of time. For instance, college friends may be some of the most fun loving or mind expanding relationships of our lives, but we know going in that no matter how intense or crazy that period of time is,and how hard we laugh and cry, it will be over in approximately four years. Our childhood friendships or summer camp friends will all move on and this is as it has always been. People come, people go. It has been my story that some of the people most dear to me are no longer in close proximity to me.
I remember when we were all living in our sorority house back in the 19 somethings .... we knew time was of the essence. We had a plan. We knew we would be leaving and going our own ways, whether it was to our hometowns or clear across the country, in some cases the world. I didn't understand it then and I still want to scream, "If we have choices, why don't we choose to live in the same area?! ". We knew that wasn't possible so we had a backup plan. It goes like this: When we are all of retirement age, we will live like the Golden Girls. I think we agreed we couldn't live under one roof together, so I'm thinking maybe a complex in Boca Raton might work.
There are some people I am more than happy to see exit my life, but my great friends that I have accumulated throughout my life are still so important to me. I'm thinking if Maude could pull it off and change her name to Dorothy, we should be able to do it too! I look forward to hanging on the couch or poolside or shopping together or vacationing and laughing til the Maalox comes out our nose. Maybe we will even have a pretty green couch to add to the decor!
I miss my friends right now and wish they were here or I was there .... Only a few more decades! Peace,

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