Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking a page from my old to start my new

Because I truly don't know where to begin, I figured, Hell ... I won't! I will just continue ... Here is the last entry from my former Blog that was really a website to update our family situation as we plodded on through my daughter's battles against Childhood Cancer, Leukemia in her case. I have decided I have much to say ~ no shock to those who know me ~ and most of it is not appropriate for a website I want to save for my children to read one day! So let's start at this point and move on ... both literally and figuratively! 
It has been a week since Julia's port has been removed and things are going .... fabulously normal! "Normal" as in "other people normal" , not "Nesbitt Normal" and that is a good thing! We have had the Messinas from NY down to visit and I just watched and cried as Julia and Jack ran around cancer and port free! May they both have very long and prosperous lives! 
Thank you for the birthday wishes for Tom ... he had a great day and things are looking up in the job prospect area for him too. He has a definite offer for an "okay" job and hoping to hear back from a few others. Things are looking up, not only for the Nation's economy, but for ours as well... and ours has been in a slump WAAAAYYY longer than the Nations. :) 
Greg is loving his baseball league. If you ever want an uplifting experience, visit a baseball field on an afternoon when the Challenger Little League is playing! There are no losers. They all are so happy to be on that field and ... get this! The parents cheer for BOTH teams! No screaming at the umps or the other kids, or even their own! That alone is enough to make you stop in your tracks! It isn't competitive .... Hell, every other day of their lives is a challenge for these kids, this is just fun! These kids, like the ones Julia has been hangin' with, are each an inspiration unto themselves! How blessed we are to be surrounded by so many amazingly strong children and parents in our life! It is impossible to feel overwhelmed or exasperatedwhen you see what others are accomplishing each day with whatever challenges and tools they are given.
I need to remember that lesson as I continue on with school and work. I am almost done with my degree and will sing from the rooftops when August arrives and I am in the final stretch! I am not loving this torture but know how happy I will be when it is over and I have reached my goal. I am proud to show my kids that you don't quit or give up just because things get tough ... oh wait ...that's what they have taught me. Anyway, that's what I keep telling myself to get through this ...
Why do I feel like this is a Christmas Newsletter all of a sudden? I am filling this post with chit chat and family news that no body gives a real hoot about .... oh I know!!! Because we are living an uneventful life!!! Whoo hoo!!! 
Thank you for all your good wishes and Yearbook-like signatures in this guest-book. I will probably keep the site up (I can't help it; I am superstitious!) but send everything I have from the beginning until the end of this week to be published in a book for Julia to keep and look back on when she is older and has questions. She will know who HAS been there for her, how people came together to fight with her and for her and what a journey it has all been. Most of all I want her and Thomas and Greg to know the love their Mom has for them; that her life is only complete because they are in it.
Life is about connections and my family has had the blessing of beautiful connections. Thank you for being one of them.

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  1. ok...I think I like agenda, no message to get out. just a place to stop by and drop off your thoughts....keep it going :)