Friday, April 24, 2009

Goat Crud or Strawberry Seeds

I was having a bad day yesterday and was working a usual 12 hour shift ... one thing was not related to the other ~ I love my friends at work and know that miracles are around me all the time when I am there! Regardless, I was just plain nasty!
 Anyway, Greg called to let me know about his field trip to the farm. 
I have to start with telling you that he was in no way excited about this excursion. Each time it would come up and I would ask him, "Are you getting excited?" "What do you think you will see?" "I wonder what you will do..." his answer was always the same. "I do not wanna smell goat crud!" "I am NOT excited about seeing goat crud!" Do you know how disgusting goat crud is?" Ummmm ... no I don't and I'm not really sure how he would either. Of all farm animals to mention, goats wouldn't be on the forefront of my brain and Crud is not a word we really use around here. He did tell me he used that instead of the really bad "C" word though.... that would be Crap for those of you with minds in the gutter! Welcome to life with Gregory.
So he gets on the phone and I hold my breath after asking him how his day was ...
Greg: Great!!!
Me: Really? What did you do at the farm?
Greg: It was great! Do you know that Strawberries whiten your  teeth?!
Me: No, I never heard that.
Greg: Yup, so I will eat strawberries and never go to the dentist again.
Me: Yea, no. It doesn't work that way honey. Still gotta go to the dentist. Sorry.
Greg: oh. Well we saw some tomato plants that were nicer than yours.
Me: Great. Okay, I gotta get back to work Greg...
Greg: Wait ... One more fact: Did you know there are over 200 seeds in a strawberry?
Me: Wow! Cool!
Greg: Yup! And I saw a cow, a mouse and a chinchilla too ... (I have NO idea what the heck kind of farm this is!)
Me: (with great relief) So no goats, huh?
Greg: Oh there were goats alright. 
Me: Oh.
Greg: And their crud stunk! Told ya so!

Thanks Greg! But I'm glad he had a great time and was able to look past The Goat Crud. I am heading out now to work and then go out in the North Carolina weather of blue skies and 85 non-humid degrees.  I am still in a not-so-great mood, but I will look past the Goat Crud and 
count the strawberry seeds.

How corny is that?!

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